Sunday, December 30, 2012


End of December..

December is a very busy month for me..
Conference, exhibition, field work, talk, reports..
no time for holiday-yeah, i work on Christmas as well (how i wish to have a perfect vacation at the end of the year) .
when one of my fren whatsapp me, " oh catz...i'm now in London...then will head to"
i have a mix feelings..better to keep myself busy i think..
hey at least i have better things to do in my life..! don't cry..

My December start with conference.
I was one of the invited speaker and i have difficulty to prepare my slides presentation. i was really down and i dont know why, just not in the mood perhaps..
i really forced myself to get it done and woke up at 3 am to get the idea, put in the slides and yeah..done around 6.30 am . God knows how i struggled with my feelings  and work.

I was the first speaker after the keynote session, and it was good. Thank God. I don't have problem with the presentation, just that i was not in the mood. And the good thing is when you met new people, sometimes it automatically could change you. I met new friends from different organization, universities etc. Changing idea and brainstorming with people who used to work with me even though we are in different organization keep me going. Conference also means free food. But this time, the food was not really good (they served petai and put it on buffet table and the smell was so strong..pelik. ok..i like petai , but this one smells strange), and other than that just so -so...
or maybe we were busy talking during lunch with old and new frens , so we dont care much on food, and i dont even care for desserts, nothing interesting, boring.

so, back from the 1st day of conference, i went to the famous satey willy with a friend.

i had satey willy few times, and since they appeared on JJCM tv3 people was super ramai. But my friend and i were agreed that the taste was not good as before. entah..macam a bit tasteless and not perfectly cook like wut we usually had. that i got from conference, and they pay is good (yey!)

second day of conference

i hate to drive to KL in the early morning, but it was really good to be away from office..hik.

another free food....

 and at the end of the day, i reward myself with durian..
durian kampung with sweet, lemak, bitter taste..yummeh..

and another event of the week was this..

nasi and seni

i tell you, the food here were awesome..!


kih-kih ( i dont know what to describe)..
chef adu back to London already..nice to meet u chef!
and presenting to you, the champion of MCM season 2, miss Izyan. Oh, she is tall and friendly, congrats Izyan.
Good luck chef in what ever u do..i hope u will be appeared in masterchef  celebrity Malaysia season 2.

and ..i like to be away from, but not in the office (sambil jalan-jalan....mak sukaaa)...

 to be continued..

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