Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Topik pagi-petang


i tuned my radio to fly fm. Driving long distance to work place, i need something nice to listen and entertain me. subuh-subuh dah keluar rumah ok.
one of the reason i love fly fm is their topik pagi or topik petang. hiks.
i mean they will discuss any topic and let their listeners call to give opinion and thoughts.

# topic 1
pagi ni.
hand bag and accessories rental.
would you rent designers hand bag if u cant afford to have it?
la..baru tau rupanya kat malaysia ni ada perkhidmatan sewa hand bag designer.
i dont know the price range but we can sewa weekly or monthly maybe?
they DJ (nadia--> nadia i like u..u are such a funny person) said she dont mind to rent the hand bag, she wants to have a nice feeling carrying those designers hand bag.
then DJ lelaki said : hey, wut would people say? elehhh..beg sewa? this is not yours. wut would u say?
nadia said: i dont care what people saying about this. i just want to have it, every week i will carry different bag, expensive bag and this is such a nice feeling. why spend RM6000 for just one bag? thats crazy.


one caller said..she will never rent those bag because, wuts the point? people around me know that i cant afford to have one. if i rent they would say " ala..fake Louis Vuiton" . so what actually matters to carry those bag? prestige? to show off? feel good? self satisfaction?

another caller said , she don't mind to rent for special occasion. she would not bring it to shopping mall, maybe for her big day, special dinner, etc.

and nadia said.." ehhhhhhhh.. i will bring the bag to kedai runcit as well la because i've rent it for one week." wakakkaka.

# topic 2
about a relationship.
perempuan: age 23
lelaki 29.
Both are financially stable.
both are jealous type. they are dating for 1 year and want to get engage to solve their problem yg asyik gaduh sebab jeles. (maybe to secure the relationship). the girl will further study soon. will this engagement solve their problem and make their relationship work and end up with marriege?

Nadia said : i dont think engagement will solve their problem, they will end up gaduh hari-hari, because they have no trust to each other. Tak payah tunang. kawan je. and see how the things goes, baru decide whether they got chemistry to be together and get married.

caller 1: said: proceed bertunang. because during the engagement , they would know each other better.

caller 2: tak payah tunang, kawin terus because, they are jeles type. actually they dont trust each other and try to secure their relationship. if tunang, still tak boleh duduk sekali, lepas tu akan gaduh jugak. so kawin je terus.

caller 3: let them kawin, and i give them 6 months only. sure cerai. jeles type yg macam sakit jiwa ni, mmg buat apa pun tak percaya and jeles 24 jam . (hoh! laser beam kau)

caller 4 (lawyer) : break up saja. they are not suitable to get married pun because they dont trust each other at all. so TRUST will become FRUST! wuts the point of being together if u dont trust each other? yes, they are financially stable, but money cant buy u happiness. and if u have millions in your bank account it doesnt guarantee that if u get married , it will end up with happiness. tgk ajalah bintang Hollyw00d. wah.


to be continued


MiszNoRuL said...

dear catz,
i pn pagi2 dengar fly fm gak..cume kekadang je dgr hotfm.. dj announcer for pagi show ade 3 orang.. the girl nadia..the chinese guy, Ben n another 1 is Phat Fabes.. arini dia cuti..

yaa, i totally agree dgn la ape kalau dapat sewa designer hbags yg aduyai mahal giler..sewa utk function kejap..then hantar la balik kan..hehehe

about d 2nd topic which i mase tu dh sampai ofis n tk sempat nk dgr..i agreed dengan lawyer tu..buat ape nk ade hubungan kalau u tak percaya langsung dengan hubungan tu..even u get married pun u soon will end up breakup..frust jugak akhirnya..

p/s..i heart fly fm..kalau petang ,Rush hour dgn Prem n Zher..
happy listening ...

Tijah said...

hahaha. kalu centu baik mak beli imi jer. tak sampai 50 sebijik. lv tote tu siap bleh guna buat isik ayam/sotong tem sabtu plastic bag free day tu khannn?

marie said...

bravo lah advice dr lawyer tu on the relationship issue...pd akak lah..kalau dah takde trust tu, mmg x guna dah nak go on with the relationship..x kan kita 24 jam nak check kat mana dia..penat weh...

Prof. Bruttenholm said...

i dengar

mmm kalau trust tak ada, buat apa nak kahwin...

orang yang kita trust pun boleh tinggalkan kita apatalah lagi kalau tak trust...

mesti dua2 jenis main belakang ni...err i mean ada pasang 2, 3 jejans atau aweks...

afendi ariff said...

susah nak carik yg blh ditrust ke catz?

orangrawa said...

tak pernah dgr flyfm....asyik dengor fara in da house je..!!

@xiM said...

tergelak aku baca entry ko ni catz sebab aku pun denfar,dan memang sejibik sejibik ko tulis macam yang diorang kata..haha

aku setuju ngan nadia pasal rent beg tu sebab tak berbaloi beli mahal..baik sewa then pakai lah kejap..

yang kedua tu aku setuju ngan yang laser tuh..hahahaa