Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nasi kandar Festival, Queen street, Georgetown, Penang.

GEORGE TOWN - Part of Queen Street here will be transformed into a nasi kandar haven on July 7 and 8, with more than 100 tables offered to foodies to tuck into mouth-watering dishes.

Among the signature dishes are onion chicken briyani, fish head curry, spicy turkey curry, duck curry and nasi dalcha.

Fifteen famous nasi kandar operators will line the street with their signature dishes during the Nasi Kandar Festival 2011, one of the events held in conjunction with George Town Festival 2011.

The event, organised by the Penang Muslim League (PML) and supported by Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma), will be held from 5pm to 11pm on both days.

Household names like Dawood, Line Clear, Subaidah, Pelita, Nasmir, Khaleel, Kapitan, Merlin and Ramzan will be in the “star-studded” line-up taking part in the event.

Others include NS, Rahim Nasi Dalcha, Kassim Mustapha, Tajudin Hussein, Sultania and Sup Hameed.

PML president Datuk Najmudeen Kader said they would adopt the al-fresco concept with more than 100 tables to be put up on the street during the celebration.

“No canopy will be put up during the event. We want nasi kandar lovers to soak in the ambience where they get to sample all the signature dishes in the heritage enclave.

“The 400m stretch will be well lit with decorative lighting,” he said during a press conference at the PML premises on Queen Street here on Monday.

Also present were George Town Festival director Joe Sidek, Presma vice-president K.K. Sihabutheen and representatives of various nasi kandar operators.

There will also be a demonstration on kabbadi and nondi, a hopping game which would be open to the public.

He added that all the participating operators would set up a corner in their respective outlet where pictures of the yesteryear would be put up on display as part of the month-old celebration.

The George Town Festival 2011, to be held from July 1 to 31, features over 80 programmes showcasing arts and culture.

It is organised in collaboration with the Penang Municipal Council, George Town World Heritage Incorporated and Penang Global Tourism Sdn Bhd.

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- The Star
yeah..i was there, at nasi kandar festival!


behind me, they play heritage game, Kabbadi

deretan gerai nasi kandar ..grrrr....semua nampak sedap..

nasi dalca..

my friend and i..thanks for the dinner treat k shima... :)


Terdapat deretan gerai nasi kandar, about 15 famous nasi kandar restaurant and u could find nasi dalca stall as well. I will blog on nasi dalca later as i had a chance to sample famous nasi dalca at Sg Ara. tungguuu!!

Permainan Kabbadi oleh remaja , i dont really understand how they play this game, but it was like teng teng ke galah panjang ke benda gitu. Very interesting...

It was interesting to see people from different races, religion share a table to have nasi kandar. 1 malaysia! and we could see that tourist oramputes, japanese, korean, pun enjoy the event and nasi kandar.

The Ketua Menteri passing by our table, he came to officiate the event i think, and he visits all the stalls.
yea.......itu dia..line clear! tehy asked me to put their photo on facebook. oh..hahaha..kedai nasi kandar has FB as well.


ehehhehe...sepokperson kedai nasi kandar line clear..ihikihikhik

we are 1 Malaysia!

It was realyl interesting when people passing by this stall they will say loudly...LINE CLEAR!..LINE CLEAR!...and the ketua nya adalah pandai attract people to see how they serve nasi kandar. and..hahaha...tak pasal-pasal aku pun makan kedai makan kedai u...i bukan transformer. i makan nasik kandarnya...

deretan lauk nasi kandar yang pelbagai..amat meliurkan....

see..? the crowd..

1 Malaysia!

we share table with two lovely ladies from kelate..
nasi kandar? berehhhh..

macam kenduri kawin

aku dahhh...!

deretan gerai bunga...cantikk!

overall, for me it was a really interesting event. event ni sebulan u ols..ha..weekend ni pi lah serbu. derang ada macam-macam acara, game, pertunjukkan kebudayaan pun ada. so could sample nasi kandar at one place. tak payah pakai gps nak cari 15 kedai nasi kandar fevret kat celah lorong, celah gaung semua, tepi feri, bawah jambatan tu semua....semua ada kat sini.
best!!! going to penang again two weeks time..hahaha...boleh repeat...kih.


sis intan said...

dah lama tak mkn nasi kandar ori...terliur plak tgk gmbo nih.. :)

Uncle said...

cepat cerita nasi darrcha!