Monday, July 23, 2012

sour and sweet...!


Terseksa for few weeks,with assignment , presentation nak putus urat segala..ketegangan dalam semua anggota badan. stress maksimum.
now we are waiting for the certification from Australia h&^&s7&&sbdhg6%%.
Yey! going to be a certified Mast3r Train3r soon.

selepas keseksaan....lets celebrate!!

sweet part..

The course organizer celebrates 15 years anniversary they invited us for their celebration along with graduation ceremony for 3 groups course.
and yey!  dinner and tasik putrajaya cruise..!

party! party!!

cantik nyaaaaaaa! melintas bawah jambatan........

one hour tour by cruise tasik putrajaya..Malam ni tengok lampu warna warni cantik gilaaa...feeling2 titanic u ols...

my friend and i

certificate presentation ceremony


Farha and i . She is one of the course instructor...or trainer? err..
i missed her so much...she is awesome...! Dah le kurus, i wish i could transfer my fat to her..hahah..

earlier night...celebrate with midvaley

my fav ice jelly and big karipap at The Garden

and after that to chilis for bigggggg dinner....

bottomless apa benda ni...nachos and salsa

grilled lamb

my friend had burger..lupa nak snap gambo..sbb by the time aku nak snap, burger tu dah terbelah dua bersepai..motif tah makan burger kena belah dulu...
bottomless nachos and bottomless drinks..serious celebrate makan.
Konon as a reward for keseksaan berakhir..


Mrs said...

everything serba bottomless is my fave.. boleh tambah terus... haha

Anonymous said...

mak aii1stiiii...

NenetPenne (NP) said...

burger besar tu pasal kena belah dua..
eh nachos pun ada bottomless?? lain kali nak order tu la..boleh tambah dan tambah lagi...