Sunday, October 23, 2011

Di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi


my name is KATE said...

cam sedey je....

Cuda Fuad said...

touchingnya... ;(

Cuda Fuad said...

saya suka lagu background blog ni..apa tajuk dia ya?tq..

Anonymous said...

salam,i am a silent reader of your blog.i think a friend of mine lives in the same apartment area as you do.she told me of a break in at one of her neighbour's apartment on a sunday despite the security guards and the swipe cards.just thot the info might help you be alert of your own safety.take care.

-alien pakai lipstick-

catz said...

Cuda Fuad,

the title of the song is 'nyawa hidupku' by ADA Band, indonesian band.
thanks for visiting my blog.
enjoy yea!

catz said...


alien pakai liptick,

thanks yea for the info.
i never knew that.
must be more careful.
oh takut pula coz i live alone here.


catz miow-miow.

catz said...

hi Kate,

thanks for visiting my blog.
happy reading.